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Lower Antelope Canyon – Page, AZ

Natural Bridge – Bryce Canyon National Park

Brushed Silver – Las Vegas, NV

Abandoned Truck – Los Olivos, CA

Sunset at Ventura River – Ventura, CA


Ventura Harbor – Ventura, CA

St Paul’s Cathedral – London, England

Spinning Top – Logandale, NV

Ritz-Carlton – Lake Las Vegas, NV

Nomad – Ventura, CA

Mount Moroni – Zion National Park, UT

Neighborhood Morning – Henderson, NV

“How Do You Do?” – Las Vegas, NV

Golden Wedding – Henderson, NV

Retro Photographer – Las Vegas, NV

Ferris Wheel – Logandale, NV

Fall Leaves – Zion National Park


Misfit Astros

Agua Canyon – Bryce Canyon National Park

Vincent Thomas Bridge – San Pedro, CA

Antelope Canyon is one of the most beautiful and photographed slot canyons in the world. This photograph was taken in the Lower Antelope Canyon.

Located in Bryce Canyon National Park, the Natural Bridge is technically not a "Natural Bridge." The formation is classified as an arch. The red-orange against the snow is amazing to see in person.

This "Frankenstein" car was at the Viva Las Vegas car show. Amazed by all the different car part this automobile has... just a mash-up.

Photographed on a small trip with my father in the back-country of Santa Barbara county.

Original went down there to photograph the World War II artillery concrete ring, but found the Ventura River flowing into the Pacific Ocean during high tide. I was still able to photograph an amazing sunset at the river's delta.

Monique was an amazing model that had a great time photographing. She was able to give some amazing poses.

Ventura Harbor was first created in the mid-1960s and is an amazing scene of boats, some retail and some restaurants. Ventura Harbor is considered the gateway to the Channel Islands National Park and also is home to the Channel Islands Visitor's Center.

One of my favorite locations in the world... a place I would love to live in. St. Paul's Cathedral is amazing to see in person after studying it in all my architecture classes. You may see, the lower part of the cathedral was being remodeled and the construction tarp had the design of what the building was suppose to look like.

Spinning amusement ride at the Clark County Fair in Logandale, NV.

When taken, the hotel operator was the Ritz-Carlton (now I don't know) in Lake Las Vegas, NV. The building was designed to resemble the building on a bridge architecture in Italy.

Part of a group photo walk in Ventura, CA, the Nomad was parked at Shoreline Park as part of the Aloha Festival car show.

Amazing trip to this area, only moments prior to this photograph... a mule deer was crossing the river in front of me. I didn't have my camera out to capture the mule deer, but still capture this amazing scene.

Another model photographed out at the Clark County Museum, it is an amazing place with houses throughout Clark County's history.

One of many famous, historic neon signs in the Fremont/Downtown district of Las Vegas. The sign is located in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard near the intersection of Fremont Street.

Model shoot at the Clark County Museum... an amazing outdoor museum of the history of Clark County.

Part Miss Exotic World and part Vegas Cruise Classic Car Show, this retro photographer and model was fun to photograph with.

The Clark County Fair in Logandale, NV is a fun day of rides and amusements.

The fall colors in Zion National Park is an amazing time of year to visit the park.

Photographed for a fashion show in Las Vegas, Shantel was the fashion designer and model for her outfit.

Photographed for the fashion designer for promotional purpose for a fashion show in Las Vegas, NV.

Agua Canyon view has two prominent hoodoos. The taller, left, is called "The Hunter" and the smaller, right, is called "The Rabbit." This photograph was taken following a snowstorm with a 0° weather the night before.

Vincent Thomas Bridge is the spanning bridge at the mouth to the Long Beach Harbor. The bridge in the fourth longest spanning bridge in California.

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